Sales Jobs From Home – No More Commute!

Sales Jobs At Home

If you are interested in a career in sales or already enjoy a sales career but would like to work from home, there are options for you.  A sales career can be fun and a great way to make a great living at home.

Maybe some of you are already involved in a sales career and simply want to avoid the rat race and work from home – sounds reasonable to me!  I currently do the morning slog to work every day and it can be a real drag.

Some sales positions aren’t set up for working at home like certain retail businesses (clothing store, appliances etc), where you physically need to be in an office to show the product and meet customers.

But there are plenty of sales options that CAN be done from home!  I’ll discuss a few of these below.

Types Of Sales Jobs Available From Home

Sales jobs can include Inside sales, Outside sales, Telemarketing, and Business to Business (B2B) sales.

Depending on the industry or company, there are opportunities for the “work from home” Sales rep in any of the above categories.

Sales Jobs Home
Sales Jobs From Home.

How a typical day is structured will depend on the company/industry you’re working with.

You may spend part of your day from home, part of the time in a store, and part of the time at customer homes or businesses.  And the amount of time in each setting may vary each day.

A general job description for sales includes the following:

  • Develops new prospects over the phone
  • Provides support over the phone to new and established customers
  • May include occasional field visits, depending on the type of business
  • Develops new leads
  • Self Starter/Self Disciplined
  • Good communication skills
  • Presents well on the phone
  • Organized and able to meet deadlines

Where To Find Sales Jobs From Home

Sales jobs are plentiful on job searching websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, Snagajob, Flexjobs, Indeed, Dice, CareerBuilder and more.  And there are a variety of sales jobs for the beginner to the very experienced.

I would recommend checking out the above links to get started.  There’s a HUGE number of sales opportunities in Inside, Outside, B2B, and Telemarketing.  Take a look!

Other Online Resources for finding Sales Jobs From Home

Convergys – Call Center Industry

FirstData – Handles financial sales transactions. Offers base salary + commissions, bonuses, expense reimbursements.

Hartford – Insurance company that has a lot of positions all through the US, and not just in sales.

American Express – Credit card company.  Hires home based call agents.

Cruise – Sets up cruises/vacations.  Has web-based training for in-home employees.  There are three different types of positions offered here: sales agents, support agents and customer service agents.

Aon – An insurance and Risk Management firm.

NextRep – Call Center hiring independent independent contractor sales and tech support professionals handling inbound calls, outbound call, and emails.

SalesFish – B2B company needing Sales Reps.  You’ll have a better shot here if you have more Inside Sales Experience.

Intelliverse – Hires Outbound Sales Reps to work from home.

A simple google search will find dozens more, but these are a few of the more reputable companies I discovered.

A Few Essentials For Your Sales Job At Home

Compared to other industries, what’s needed for starting a sales job from home is relatively simple!  Below are a few of the essentials:

Sales Positions From Home
Office Supplies For Your Home Business
  • Computer – possibly provided by the employed
  • Phone – possibly provided by the Employer, along with necessary software.
  • Fax Machines – they’re not outdated just yet:)
  • Office Supplies
  • Car – needed to drive to business or customer locations.

Closing Thoughts

I hope you’ve found a few idea/leads useful here to land that next big sales job!

If you are thinking of starting your own business at home, whatever it is, please checkout other articles on my site.  I’m dedicated to finding meaningful employment from home as well and, like you, have been researching a variety of career paths!

I use an amazing online business platform for my online business (which is part time for now).  I welcome you to check it out as well.  It provides a lot of insight into owning/operating your own online business and could easily be leveraged in an online sales career too.

Please leave comments below if any you have any experience with these companies or know of other legitimate sales companies I could add here.  Thanks for stopping by!

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