About Me

Hi I’m Tom.

I created this site because I, too, am looking to either supplement or replace my full time job with something else!

I’m not horribly unhappy with my job most of the time, but what I’m really seeking is freedom and the chance to make some extra money. Maybe that’s why you’ve stumbled upon my site too – you’re ready for a change, a chance to do things your way.

My hope is to help others in their quest to work from home as well.  I hope you find a few ideas helpful.

I have been working in the Counseling field for many years and have had plenty of success and fulfillment in this career.  But at times it feels rather dead end to me, as if I’ve plateaued – and I can’t help but wonder what else is out there.  It’s this nagging thought that has driven me to search for a new career, and preferably one that allows me to work from home.

I am married with a bunch of kids (5 to be exact), and also have a full time job. Therefore, like a lot of you, the amount of extra time and money I have is limited. But the desire to create change in my life is very strong and the reason I keep plugging along.

When not fooling around on this site, I love to be with my family or working on one of our never ending house projects! Thanks for visiting!